Erin E. Gussert


A  designer through and through, Erin loves what she does, and has found a niche for herself in the world of design.  She graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design in May 2009 with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Interior Design as well as a minor in Graphic Design.  Her passion for the world of Art and Design extends to other things as well, including photography, drawing, sketching, painting, and dabbling in anything that comes her way.


Erin is also a LEED Accredited Professional, taking a strong stance towards making the world a better and brighter place through sustainable design.  


Social equity is also a large piece.  If a design is not making a difference, not doing anything beyond its basic purpose, then why?  A design should be more than the simple solution.  It should reach beyond itself and make a difference.  The world is large and expansive, and a good design acknowledges that.


Not all problems have a clear solution; however, there is a solution, and with design one can bring something more to the world.  



What is good design?  

It’s a question that every designer thinks about.

And,  it’s a question that has no definite answer.

Good design is layers of ideas, concepts, and imagination.

It inspires.  It solves.  It creates.  

It is critical.


Good design is not about the designer, but about everyone else.  

It’s about fusing the needs of a client with the rest of the world, and doing it successfully.

It’s about ergonomics.  About understanding the human condition.  Every human condition.

Good design is about social equity.


It’s about making spaces, products, situations, and ideas, equal for every age, disability, and personality.

I recently worked on a project that involved designing a solution for food allergies in children, grades K-5 in their academic environment.  It pushed me outside of my thought box.  This was a problem that I only imagined to be solved by science, or specialists.  I was wrong.  We pushed ourselves, and in the end, came up with solutions that were within our grasp.  It was an experience that made me realize that design is something more than a concrete object or space.  


Design is about finding solutions to problems that may seem unsolvable.  

It’s about pushing the limits.


Good design considers the environment.  In more ways than one.  Being a LEED AP, I know the importance of studying the way we impact our environment, and correcting our faults.  I also realize that we have a lot to learn from everything around us.  We build structures that are foreign to their surroundings.  They are geometric, rigid, and sterile,.  This leaves me wondering why?  Why aren’t there more buildings that work with nature than against it?  Buildings that positively influence the environment.  Ones that mimic natural processes.  Sustainability is only the first step.  We have so much to learn when it comes to understanding our impact on nature, as well as nature’s impact on us.


Good design is also about aesthetics.

Yes, aesthetics seem superficial; however, we are in a world that’s in constant need of stimulation.  For example, your toothbrush.  Why did you pick up that particular one?  Maybe it was because of the shape, or the muti-colored bristles, or because your favorite color is green.  For whatever reason, you chose that toothbrush because of how it was designed.


Everyday I play a game with myself, and try to find something new, something intriguing that I’ve never noticed before.  A tree, a cup, a pair of shoes.. Packaging on a box of macaroni in the grocery store.  It makes me think about what I love, and what I hate.  What works, and what doesn’t.


Good design is about exploration.  It’s about trying new things, sometimes succeeding, and oftentimes failing.  But mostly it’s about the trying.  It’s spaces, products, situations, ideas.  It’s solutions.  It’s a million different things, all rolled up into one something that affects the world.  Making it better.  Making life brighter.  It’s as simple or as complicated as it needs to be.  


It is good design.

Good Design is..

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