Erin E. Gussert


Paulette Israels

Human Resources

Israel’s Designs for Living

Grand Rapids, Mi


Manager of Human Resources at Israels Designs For Living, she controls scheduling, hiring, firing, and is directly linked into the foundation of the company.


“Erin Gussert worked at Israels Designs For Living for in a variety of tasks that exposed her to different aspects of the interior design industry.  She has learned how to tag and price product.  She's been a part of our freelance designer program where she met designers and assisted them with samples.  She worked with our fabric samples at the Trade Center.  Erin worked the front desk at one of our retail operations where she had first hand communication with customers coming through the door or calling on the phone.  It was a positive experience to have Erin interning with us.  She was reliable, pleasant, and very flexible by working at many of our locations."




Linda Frey

Executive Director

U.S. Green Building Council – West Michigan

Grand Rapids, Mi


Executive Director of the West Michigan Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, Linda coordinates the bulk of the events held by the chapter.


"Erin Gussert has served the USGBC West Michigan Chapter as a part-time intern.

She consistently gives thoughtful attention and her creative flair to a wide variety of projects, including: designing and composing the monthly email newsletter, developing a green meetings guide and list of member venues, coordinating the student team recruiting event for the 3rd Annual Natural Talent Design Competition and getting Chapter event information to five community calendars.


Erin has a respect for the knowledge of professionals and and an inquiring mind.  She also has a passion to learn and will stick with a project through the process of problem solving, often offering a great solution.  Erin strives to get the job done and get it done right."




Gayle DeBruyn

Lake Affect Designs Studio

Kendall College Design Professor and Interior Designer

Grand Rapids, Mi


Professor at Kendall College of Art and Design, she teaches classes that include Collaborative Studies and Design Studies.  She is also an independent designer who owns a firm called Lake Affect Designs.